17 And Never Been In A Party!

hehe... Sounds funny I know... :D

But I've never been in a party or a club.... When someone invites me (happens ones on a blue moon...) I usually say NO and randomly think of situation that I'm busy...

I just don't enjoy places with a lot of drunk people... And because I don't go to that kind of places I don't know those people. If I don't know those people I hardly fit in a group. If I hardly fit in a group nobody invites me anywhere... It's like a magic circle!

I guess... Being loner in my teens... can be OK?

Remiko Remiko
3 Responses Apr 19, 2011

Yes it's ok. I first dated at age 21 and was exactly like you. In fact I was an introvert and super shy. Then when I finished college and started working, I ended up going to clubs and parties, sometimes every other night but only with good friends. As I got older, I'm still an introvert but I'm no longer shy and I think make friends quickly. You may be a late bloomer or maybe you just don't want to be near too many people at once. There is nothing wrong at all with you but do make sure to have a few good friends or family that you can talk to when you are feeling lonely.

Yes I have to agree with you both :) ! Teenagers are terrible, specially ones who has their "hormone showers".. o_o

I admire your courage to make your own way thru life and adhere to your values and morals.I think it will be more than OK for you.I know I am an old old OLD man but if you like we can talk.Btw I met my current wife online so it is possible to connect with someone ... even on the internet. Remember to just be yourself.<br />
<br />
Be at peace