I'm Kind of a Homebody

 I've just never been an actively social person. I'm by no means a quiet person, and I have friends in my classes and organizations I'm involved in, but I very rarely go out to clubs or anything like that. In the past few years, I've decided to try a bit more when it comes to this, and I've gone to a few parties. My lack of a social life gets to me occasionally, but sometimes I like just hanging out at my apartment. Sometimes I do wish I had the guts to call up a friend or be more social, though.



Jenniedvm Jenniedvm
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4 Responses Jan 25, 2009

I hear you. I might venture out to eat lunch with a friend or catch a movie on the rare occasion, but that's about it. I talk to friends online a lot ... but that's about it. Work takes up a lot of my time, so if I have half a chance to stay home, I take it!

i stay on ep to really have any social life ha ha

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i agree. Few friends and many books and stuff. Guess i've always been a wall flower and like it that way.<br />
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