More Like Interior Companions

It stated when I was 15(alot did). I made a book(I still remember that redschool notebook witht he bands I liked written on the covers). I made an album of sorts with al the people I thought I had inside me. I think it came to 26. There was a hippie girl, a prairie girl, God I don't remember them all. Every interest I seemed to have manifested itself in a girl that had a little bio and magazine pictures taped along with them if I could find ones that matched.

Then, at 18, I was diagnosed with MPD. I told the psychiatrist(my first) about my suspicions, and she I did have it and she could tell by looking in my eyes. Now I think she was just a quack, fresh out of the pond and ready to eat bread! But my eyes are wierd I think..somehow crooked or something?

I went on and in one relationship I had was influenced by it when I got on a table on my hands and knees and yelled out my boyfriend's cats name like a child, and threw jellybenas at her. What was that? I must have been around 20 or 21?

Now I feel I have internal people that I can have conversations with, but don't take over my life at all. It's a bit comforting. Here they are now:

Devere-ultimate evil *****, violent

Sadira-gets along with Devere, pure sadness, bitterness, and cynicism, I guess you could say she has existential angst?

Capri-ultimate sexpot....the equivalent of "newchrissy" on EP lol....long white hair, light blue eyes, body like pamela anderson but more petite

JULIANNA-the strongest one, the rich society lady, the protector, fashion, travel ,a nd everything finer in life is very important to her...she loves her yacht

And tonight came Methusalee-an old, black woman who tells me how it is about men, reminds me of the good lady in the movie The Stand


Kittychanel Kittychanel
41-45, F
Sep 22, 2012