Do I Really Need A College ?

Hi ,
I'm normal Czech girl learning english at school .. I'm all the time thinking about  "What I'm gonna do .. " .
I love to be with my family and I want to have my own loving family , to be good mum and wife and to have
enough time for them .. But on the other hand , I want to know more about some things .. But I just don't know 
which college should I choose .. I love children and I wanted to be doctor , but I'm hypersensitive .. so I don't
know if it's the right work for me .. I was also thinking about child's psychology or something like that ..
My first plan of all was to study biology .. But marine biology .. I wanted to study dolphins , whales ,
fishes etc ... but I'm living in the heart of Europe in quite poor family and I can't afford to study somewhere
at the seaside .. And I'm just not so good at english .. as you can see :))
So I really don't know what to do .. I don't want to have big salary , but I want to do something which will ,,infill"
me . I want to hepl someone , to be useful to have a good feeling from my work and I also want to have a calm
life .. I'm really confused .. if you have some advice for me , I'll be so greatful .. So thanks for reading .
Martinecka Martinecka
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2010

I so much like your thinking! You have a thirst for life and... your english is not so bad as you ..think! The fields of study that you mentioned are very different between them and lead to different careers. I would suggest that you see a counsellor for career orientation, that is a specialist that can understand what you are good at and can help you with info on where to address yourself. You may find a career office at your school or at a local college or university. Results may surprise you though! If I were you, i would talk with students and professionals in the fields i am interested in. I would try to find out what the conditions of their work are, what they find difficult to deal with, what their pay is, how often they have to travel for their job, what qualifications are needed, what they would have changed in their studies it they could (other optional studies for example), waht they expect in their carrers, chances for promotion, how their professions change over time (very important nowadays!) This research would give me an idea what to do. Then i would have a thorough look at my school grades. what do those reveal? where do you perform better? are you more practical, more artistic, more ploblem solver, more of a literature bookworm? Do you like to work outdoors? Would you like to have a social job where you would interact with a lot of people every day? would you rather sit ata an office? Talk to your teachers too. They have got experience and they may tell you some advice you would have never thought of. <br />
The last thing i want to tell you is that in every country young people who want to study are given scholarships (offered money to study). There are certain steps you have to take to apply and there might be a given field of study that the scholarship goes to. You should ask at your local university or in the capital city if you live at a smaller town to find out how to apply. You should also have good school grades to be given a scholarship especially for a university bachelor degree (first degree). I hope i've helped, write to tell me what you found out (if you want)