I Am Having A Hard Time With My Daughter.

Hello - to make a long story short I am a divorced mom of 3.  My daughter being the youngest.  I was divorced back in 2001.  My daughter was 9.  She was her daddy's little princess.  When we divorced, he not only divored me but also the children.  My daughter has since that time blamed me for EVERYTHING wrong in her life. 

She is 20 years old now with a 14 month old daughter whom they both live with me.  Since the birth of her daughter all she has done was run and lie.  She tells me its my fault for everything that is wrong in her life.  She doesn't get out of bed until between noon and 3 and her daughter has now been up since 8.  She thinks that since she lives with me she can let me take care if her.

I don't like her choices, and I tell her so.  She says its my fault that she is the way she is.  That I am the one holding her at the house so she can not go and do anything.  HELLO I tell her - you have a baby.  What part of having a life does that mean. 

I don't like to be around her - I would rather her leave the baby with me and just leave.  She is hateful, ugly, talks like a truck driver, and is  very unpleasant to be around.  I have told her to leave - but she won't.  It has come to were I would call the police on her, but for the wellfare of the baby, I won't.  Talking to the police they say I have to give her an eviction notice.  Okay, that takes time.  I am at my witts end. 

I would love to have a relationship with my daughter, but she hates her family and would rather be with her low life friends.  My heart which use to be so full of love for her has turned to stone towards her.  llen1
Bladybug Bladybug
May 21, 2012