Yes, I'll Never Regret Anything

i admidt that i have comited mistakes but i don't regreat them.

the reason, i'm sure of my actions, everything i do had a purpose and even if it gave me troubles, even if it provoked the end of my existance i'll never regreat anything.

and when i'm on the edge of sadness, looking at the darkness of my loneliness, i'll said:

"this is fate, i have no reasons to regreat it because i couldn't control it and god knows i tried"

so yes, is good to not regreat anything because it had no sense, things are done and regreats will not solve anything, if you feel you do something wrong just fix it or at least try to.

be proud of you, pride gave you power but know how to use it or you'll turn into a fool.
lost54 lost54
18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013