For The Life Of Me...

I don't know why but there are huge gaps in my childhood memories, even gaps throughout my teenage years. I thought it was because of the drugs I used to do when I was younger but now I wonder if it is more...In fact the more I think about it, I know for a fact it is more.

From the top of my head, I barely remember anything from the ages of 5 until about 10 with a few memories here and there. And from then on it has been a handful of memories until I finished high school.

I mean I understand that memory goes after a while but I just feel that at my age, that's pretty excessive. When my family and old friends bring up things from the past I really don't remember it at all. Sometimes I just play it off because I have had situations where they just look at as if to say "how can you not remember?". There are a few things I can remember (mostly unpleasant things) but over a span of 30 years, its only a handle full of specific memories and that's it...(just reruns in my head of the same memories). I know I am not stupid and I think I have development well enough to maintain in this society but it's just annoying more than anything.

My partner is convinced that I have blocked those years for a reason due to "unpleasant situations". I wish I could says she was right. I agree with her I suppose but I really just don't know. I really don't want to know to be honest if that's really the reason. If I am blocking something out that why bring it out?
Meh, I dunno maybe I am just thinking about it too much but either way I do have to wonder how "normal" it really is..
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I have the same problem, and I really don't know why. I mean, bad things happened when i was younger but i remember those, so i dont think it has to do with me blocking things out...i realize this was almost a year ago so i dont know if you will get this but did you ever try hypnosis? im considering it but same as you said, i dont know if i want to know.

aww thanks but it's okay...just the way it is ya know? Maybe God doesn't want me to know and if he does the time will come when I will..

Yah I know exactly what you mean..I thought about doing hypnosis to see if I block things out but I wonder I really want to know.....?

hmmm interesting. does it ever bother you?