"I Don't Remember My Dreams Lately"

They say everyone dreams even if you don't remember your dreams. I usually will at least remember a dream once a week. Lately it doesn't even seem like I dream at all. I know that I do I just don't remember any of them. I wonder why this happens. I like to remember my dreams well most of them anyways. I think that our dreams can reveal a lot to us this is why I want to remember!
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2 Responses Jun 2, 2007

i went through a period exactly like that for approximately 4 years or so ... it bothered me more and more as the weeks and months slipped by. only within the last month have i begun to remember them again. i wonder if it has to do with medications, stress levels, emotional states, hormones or what???

I still wish there was a way of setting up some sort of recording device, to be able to record the dream, audio and visual. <br />
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That would be interesting.