Wish I Could

There are only three dreams that I have ever really remembered and two of them are basically the same dream only with some changes. I have wanted to remember my dreams for a long time. My roommate says that he hears me crying out in my sleep when he walks past my room, so I know that I have dreams (nightmares, whatever).
The first dream that I ever remembered was when I was a little boy. It was about the first "scary" movie that I ever saw. It was a 1950's, 1960's black and white science fiction. I dreamed that I was the hero facing the space monster. Even though it was a nightmare I found it exciting as well as scary. In fact, that's what got me hooked on horror movies.
The other two dreams have been recurring over the last few years. Both of them are of me wondering around a "landscape" alone, crying out and not being able to be heard. One of them is of me in a desert and is the dream that I wrote about on this site. In the other one I am wondering around in a fog. The same things happen in both dreams. Except for the reflection, that only happens in the desert dream. I always wake up feeling like there is no hope, especially after the fog dream.
I would love to be able to remember a dream other than these. I have tried to keep a dream journal, per advice. However, as soon as my eyes open there is nothing, no memory at all. With what my roommate tells me he hears, maybe it's better if I don't remember.
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I have four now. Odd that seemingly everybody else remembers their dreams. ****** me off!

You and me both sister. Thanks for reading my story and for letting know that I am not the one frustrated by this situation.