All i wanted was help. was that too hard. did i not deserve it. was i asking too much. was there not enough time. for 10 years, sorrow and despair, why? a failure is all i have to show for it. i just wanted someone to listen to me, tell me it was gonna be ok. at least lie to me, mislead me into thinking happiness was obtainable. for ten years ive made no progress, only retrogression. for ten years my anger, and agression, hatred, HOPELESSNESS has boiled to a head. why must it be like this, WHY must i feel this way. its hard, too hard for me to shoulder. living this way is no luxury, somethings gotta give. why was i granted this curse of a life, i NEVER asked for this...i never asked to brought upon such filth and wickedness. all my life ive struggled to find my 'place', find who i was and accept it, happily...NOPE, wasnt possible. and now i suffer, mentally. ive created fantasy worlds in my head where everythings perfect, and of course i CAN differentiate the borders of reality, THIS reality is one i REFUSE to accept any longer. me being absent of this world will hold no true bearing for im just a grain of sand in a desert, a tiny pebble amongst mountains.

Sincerly yours,

'The One Easily Forgotten'
barbosa627 barbosa627
22-25, M
Jan 18, 2013