Just Another Abusive Person

I doubt if I'l ever be able to see him as anything but a racist, woman abuser,psycho man. He needs anger management  and years of it.  He fooled the public in the first rant..Remember the drunken R word scandal?   Slithered out of it. Did the "Jew' accusations and beat that one ..No matter what she's done or has tried to do ..It's bye bye time for me and Mel.  What a waste of a great actor. I hope he gets better in a hurry. To be exposed in this way may be wrong..she may be extorting money from him. It's still Mel talking and he's out of control.   Horrible.   I'm Ok with fans who stand by his side. It's not me.  Time usually heals so we will see.
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I know..his acting is my favorite style. He can be funny and then a screaming hero..in Braveheart..Romantic and clever. Alcohol makes a person's personality flip into a scary shadow ,of who they really are. Even if his wie was dishonest with his financial affairs..hitting & screaming was not the way to cope. I hope he gets help before something horrific happens. He keps crashing his cars..yikes!

You both got that right..he looks and acts well...what a hater.He sounded like he was enjoying those rants..Like he couldn't be creative enough. A side of him that's revealing and frightening. Good thing the baby wasn't injured when she was holding her and being slapped around..

too much money not enough sense...i think oksana has pushed him to the brink......and set him up