The ancient Greeks and Romans had the advantage of having many words for love, as there are many types of love.

Alas, using English, we have but one.

When I say it, I mean it... but what really do I mean?

When I say I love you, I may be saying...
- I love you as a fellow human being.
- I love you as a cherished friend.
- I love you because we have a connection.
- I am forever and hopelessly in love with you and I would be lost without you.

Love can be any or all of these things.

When I say I love you, what it means to us is no one else's business but yours and mine.
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I agree with what you say, some people may not get what I'm about to say but, the most loved I ever felt was with a guy who would put the rubbish out and do the dishes! He would also just do stuff for me because it was stuff I disliked doing, that's love and no words are necessary for that kind of love.

Did you read one of my earlier comments? Love does not need to be spoken. :-)

No, I haven't, I just saw this and whilst I often say to my friends how much I love them, it reminded me of the time I felt most loved and why.

I agree absolutely Pen. When I say I love you I mean it.<br />
<br />
You make me laugh - I love you!<br />
You challenge me - I love you!<br />
You can finish my sentences - I love you!<br />
You make me feel warm & safe & cared for - I love you!<br />
<br />
I have the love of my life. I've had him for a while now & I intend to keep him. But that's different, that's other, & it doesn't take away from what I feel when I say "I love you" - & mean it. <br />
<br />
A wise man said to me recently "your heart just expands to accommodate". <3

It's not something that has to be said. Often times, it has more value when it's not said aloud. And yet... when it is said... it feels so good... on both ends. ______ I love you. :-)

*smooch* &lt;3

Love requires that we are honest with each other and honest with ourselves.<br />
<br />
The dumbest question ever asked is "do you love me?" <br />
<br />
Why? Because it's a question that needn't be asked and there's no way to tell if the answer is truthful.<br />
<br />
Love is evaluated ba<x>sed on actions. When I say I love you, the context should be understood.<br />
<br />
The other day, I posted a comment without using the word love. To which the author replied, "I love you too."<br />
<br />
Get it?

&amp; I do &lt;3 *beams*

You forgot to mention the best form of love....<br />
<br />

Ahhhh.... puppy love / dog love... the truest and purest form of love.

Yes, I believe you are correct...BUT here is where things get sticky and very yucky....<br />
<br />
Everyone knows there are different forms of love....everyone knows when it is being said in what context it is meant...OR they should...However...SOME use it to get what they want and then later recant...saying no there are different kinds of love and THIS is the way I loved you not...THIS way...except they use the 'I am forever and hopelessly in love with you and I would be lost without you.' a little TOO much and cannot really cover their arse with a blanket let alone a seriously jaded cover attempt using this fact to turn the tables and set them is where the problem lies in my opinion...<br />
<br />
No it is not anyones business...BUT, I ask...when you Love someone in that oh so fabulous butterfly ...giddy , mushykinda way ..Don't you want to shout it from the rooftops?...Maybe that is just me...<br />
<br />
I don't know just some thoughts on the matter :)

I tell everyone who's within earshot how much I love my wife. She bought me an iPad for Christmas. You know what means most to me? The inscription on the back that says "For my Love"

You are absolutely spot on. When I read the story, what you said is what I was thinking.

Awww that's awesome!!!

You had me at sticky Minxy ;)

I am so glad! ;)

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