I wish I wasn't so naive when I entered this relationship I'm in now. :(
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Sometimes,things get hard. Things get rough. But to get to the point you want to, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's gonna hurt for a while. But time heals everything.

I hope it does. thanks. :)

I think we've all been there before. That's why the saying "blinded by love" is so common. We see what we want to at first then when realities set and we start to notice the flaws, that's when things get difficult. That's when we start to realize that maybe they just aren't the one we're meant to be with. Love is complicated, yes, but if it were any easier it would be vastly less enjoyable. Things worth having never come easily. I hope that your situation is able to clear and you're able to find happiness, even if it's not with the person you're with now. Good Luck:)

gee, thanks! ;)

every day is a new choice

Can u remind me of the meaning of Naive? Then I can prob help you! :) hah

I wish I can. but thanks though!

You don't know what it means?

inexperienced, lack of sound judgment. tell me if I'm wrong.

I just didn't know haha

now that you know, is there something you want to say about it? ;)

Haha I'm really sorry I swear I'm not just some stupid kid I'm 16 in two days and I honestly would like to help you but on this question where I don't fully understand the situation it's probably Better that you get advice from others :)

Ahaha! It's okay. I'm 28, so I should find the answer on my own. but thanks though. ;)

how about you Mam, can you relate?

So sorry to bother you Hun. But I probably carry better advice then some twenty year old wanna be

hey! we're cool here right? I mean, I'm off the relationship already and trying to move on and God knows what's gonna be next. The last thing I need is some heated argument between people I don't even know. I'm here to vent my feelings hoping somebody will understand and maybe relate and give some advice. So can we end this please? Your advice are still very much welcome.

I'm really sorry Lance. And I'm sorry ValentinePena too . I just don't like people looking down on me because of my age.

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