I don't say I love you if I don't mean it because otherwise it would lose it's meaning.
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I want people who love me to reply this response. I mean this.

Does it mean that no body loves me?

Ok - maybe I do ;)

That is exactly the reason I don't say it!!


I need to stop as I must be on auto pilot? I cAnt love without pu$$y

That must be why my wife never says it!!!


You should discuss this with your wife, so things would be clear ^^

On earth, that is a great idea!

Doesn't work in this instance

I'm obviously not experienced with all this relationship stuff, but have you tried talking about it to her? Sometimes it just helps even if the idea sounds horrible.

If I try to talk, here is what happens:

1) eye roll
2) "oh no"
3) "this convo is over!"
4) "I don't have a problem w intimacy, just intimacy w you!"
5) avoiding topic for days, weeks, months...
6) "you are too sensitive"...

Come to think if it... I do have a problem!


Do you think she's the right one for you..? Because she shouldn't be treating you like this. Or have you tried marriage counseling? That could help too..

She may not be...

She dissed that too

You are clever for your age. Can you be my divorce mentor?

I'm pretty young though, I think that you might need professional help in this case to be honest.

I need more than that!!!!

It depends upon the frequency matching...if that doesn't happen...it's a disaster

What does that mean Kenneth?

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That's a good reason. My friends say "I love you" a lot and I say "I love you" back, but I feel like that term should only be used when there is a deep, deep love connection.

I feel the same ^^ I don't really tell people I love them that often. There's just one person I mostly say it to, haha, and he's the one who has been on my mind for a long time, he's also my best friend.. And maybe you could say something like "thanks you're amazing too" or something similar to that next time when your friends say such stuff, maybe it would make you feel more comfortable and like you're not just throwing words around like that as if it means nothing ^^

Same, I have said I love you to my best friends as a joke sorta thing when they give me food or something. Rarely though.

Yeah I get it ^^ But of course you don't mean it like that or throw the word around making people believe you actually mean it when you don't, and that's good.

I do legitimacy love them as friends, I would do almost anything for them. Just not in a 'Marry Me' way.

It's nice hearing how you care for your friends. And ah, I understand ^^

Plus the only girl is a lesbian, so not 'available' even if I was Interested.

I see. Well it's good you got things clear!

haha, yea

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