People say 'i love you' without meaning a single percent. Thats lying :/ i get u dont wanna hurt peoples' feelings, i dont want someone to tell me they love me unless they mean it. I wont get offended if u only 'like' me, or not like me at all, my parents hate me, so its not like u can be any worst.
And the same goes with me. I dont sprinkle love sparkles onto people, i wont say i love you unless i mean it truly. Even if ive only met u for five minutes, and tell u thqt i love u, i would really mean it.
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Yah I am thinking u said 5min huh?
Lucky guy all I can say
N one more thing don't get conservative too coz u might get late n u know what happens ---
I always regret things I should've said so better be careful with that my friend:)

Not neccesarily a guy it could be anyone.

Thank you! That is exactly what I feel except my parents don't hate me and I'm so sorry yours don't love their own child.

when you do say it, it means more. When you get older, you will learn that life than can be so fleeting. So can feelings. If you open your heart those feelings can come very quickly and they are very real, even if they don't last!

I always mean it!