We broke up and all I wanna do is text him but I ended the friendship between us because he's being an ******* yet he's still all I can think about
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People really don't know what love is.
We have been lied to by the media and taught to incorrectly follow our hearts no matter what.

Love is not something you fall into or fall out of.
It is a decision that you make to care for someone else's needs above your own.

Lust on the other hand twists in your chest/heart giving you a longing for someone that likely is not any good for you anyway.

The heart is a liar!
A deceitful and brutal slave master.

Jeremiah 17:9
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

It's easy to manipulate people and make them feel anger, hate, happiness, and yes love.

But true love is sprung from the mind/soul and grows into the heart over time, with careful pruning.

Hi I'm new and really dont know what I'm supposed to do here but I'll say this stay strong don't let him see you cry stay strong and love him even though he's hurt you let him go and maybe he will realize that he is being a dumbass

Should I text him ?

Well if you do that then your saying to him I need you. You want to show him that you dont need him even thoughbyou may feel like you do you really don't you lived before him and you will live after he is gone

I know the feeling.. Just be strong