I am in love with a guy who's 8 years older than me... We work in the same together.. But the problem is that we are from different castes / communities therefore our families will not approve of us being together... My family more worried abt the age gap between us..
I love him a lot and I've said that to him but he seems to push me away only because he will not be able to stand up to his family.. What shld I do??
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Family does not matter. The man and woman leave there families and fi a new family of their own.

Age gap is good. It is preferable to have the woman at least 8 years younger

Leave him..if he can't even dare to stand up against his own family...& if he can then get married..rest will fall automatically into their places...

I would worry less about the age and caste gap and more about him pushing you away. I was very recently pushed away by my girlfriend whom I believe is scared of the future. I honestly don't know what the right thing to do is, but try to talk to him without being too pushy, be supportive without overly trying to fix everything. But don't neglect yourself you deserve to be happy too, if this has been going on for a long time you might need to do whatever it takes to make yourself happy again. I'm sorry this is happening to you, I wish I had better advice. But I just wanted to reply and offer what I could. Hope that's alright.