My boyfriend hates me and I want to kill myself
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Don't waste your life over some boy, that won't even matter in a few years. You'll meet plenty of guys while growing up.In mean time you have friends that care for you. Keep them close because in the end they might be all you have left in this world.

Don't do that.
It hurts and is a total waste of peoples time and feelings.

If your boyfriend hates u then that's his loss but wanting to kill your self over it is not right! Live life to the fullest! If u can go a see someone about this. I know it's always that easy so if u ever need to talk to someone about this just message me. Plz don't kill yourself!!! I know I don't know u but I will cry if u die!!!

Don't kill your self you'll be fine

Hey!!!!Don't you ever say that!!No matter who said "I Love You" and the other person isn't ready to say it then that person who said it should respect the other persons decision of not saying it because she/he does not mean it.If someone said "I love you too" to someone else and that person did not mean it then there's no point of loving someone at all.Do you know what I mean?If he/she gets mad the he/she does not deserve that person in the first place if he/she can't respect the decision.He does not deserve someone like you if he gets mad for that.You should be love unconditionally.Action does speak louder than words.Keep your head up babygirl and things will get better. 😉😊

Don't say that obviously he doesn't care and that doesn't mean that you should want to go kill yourself you'll find someone else

**** off

Okay what the hell I was just tryin to help but obviously your just looking for people to give you a pitty party

Ooo had that same **** happen to me today men r so stupid sometimes ! Like ***** I love yo *** grow up n accept it

Please dont

Well don't do that... If your boyfriend hates you then he doesn't deserve you... You should only be with someone who loves and cherish you for who you are

But you don't understand he doesn't really hate me he just makes me sad sometimes

Yup I feel yuu

Still it's not right for him to make you sad... That's not how I was raised... He should be buying you flowers or hand pick them and hand them to you and say "I love you"... That kind of relationship lasts for a very long time

Ok I have to delete this ****** app my boyfriend loves me and he does buy me flowers and a bunch of ****. He's better than you think. And **** you for that I'm looking for someone to tell me that this **** I'm going through is normal, not for people to tell me I'll find someone better. I am depressed and I haven't taken my medication in over a month so please hop off my ****

Well ok then... Later

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