when I was younger , infatuation was the reason I said it and because of the looks of a person , i thought I found love because of a pretty face , snow white and her seven dwarfs fooled me as a kid . long ago, the prettier the face, the more loving and pure, the heart a person would of thought to be, or so people would think , before they got to realize behind the closed doors, the behavior of someone could be of something else. Now that has been discovered and explored by people telling their stories - I would not use such a love statement unless it is in GOOD WAYS , to mean it - yes I don't say i love you, unless i see your ways - for through ways - it decides if a person will be nice to you or mean to you in INTENTIONS - a smile does not mean all is well - there are many reasons a person could smile with/ for you - but behind the thoughts - could be many different thinkings and intentions - INTENTIONS-( may) be the only way so far to prove who is true or would be true to you - meaning what will they be willing to do for you, or what they would go through with you.
Stephenrko Stephenrko
36-40, M
Aug 24, 2014