Hey lyka..im not sure when you will see this. But we just finished talking on minecraft. I just want you to know..that for all the sass you give me..any and all pain i might go through with or for you..and for any trouble you cause..your worth it all. I want you to know that im so in love with you that i want to proclaim it to the world. I want you most of all to know..that its ok to tell me how your feeling inside..no matter how grim. Even if you feel like doing the worst of things to others or even yourself..i want to know. Im your mate, lover, pillar and cage. Its my lifes goal to make you happy and keep you safe..and thats what im going to do. I love you..cal..so
Much..im your mate, pillar, and cage for as long as you will have me<3 remember that<3
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Oh my- I .. I love you too.. I love you with all my heart Ryan <3

I love him so much..i want to just..hold him in my bed and cuddle forever..having him in my embrace is the only time i feel complete..<3

That is so sweet

That's definitely true you need to be really sure about your feelings first.

Thank you :3

HA. gayyyyyyyy
But in all seriousness this is cute and sweet. Kudos to you dude

There is nothing wrong with being gay ok

i don't know why i feel the need to respond, i know there is nothing wrong with being gay. why would there be anything wrong with happy people?