It's scary how another month has passed, how the summer has gone. The leaves are turning brown, and it's getting colder. I'm glad in a way, because this summer has been painful for me. I'm glad because I'm starting college on Friday meaning I'll have things to occupy myself with. I once read in a magazine, that it takes the same amount of time that you were with someone, to get over them. Personally I think that's a load of rubbish. I've accepted that I won't be in a relationship where you kiss in the hallways, where he walks you home everyday, when you say you're bored and half an hour later you're out together. When you can go and see the latest film, or go on random dinner dates. I cried in the cinema today, at the way a couple were together, that wasn't even supposed to be the emotional part. It'll never be like that, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
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it is tough. that is why I chose marriage.

i dont say i love you unless im roleplaying

Life does move on, pretty much everyone has been where you are now at some time or another. It does get better trust me, in the meantime learn to be happy on your own until that moment when your heart jumps again.

To be fair, that's better than not being in a relationship at all, right?