I am considering that on me and my fiancee's first anniversary of buying 2 custom locks and giving one for her to clip any where she wants to and one for me to clip it to where ever I want ☺️ what do you think? ☺️
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2 Responses Aug 31, 2014

You're engaged??? And your still in high school, or I should hope you still are. What ever happened to giving her the last beer? Now that's love haha

I think it's dumb ***.

Your a special kind of stupid..aren't you?
You asked for opinions. You didn't like mine, so you were offended. Lol
You act like you might still be in grade school. Grow up and if you can " grow a pair "

Lol. Son if you can't take the opinions, take your question down.
You asked what I thought. I gave you an answer. No more.. No less.
Move on. It will be ok. Really.