No Lie ...

I have loved often but have only been in love a few times.  It's easy to love ... men are lovable after all.

Being in love, possessed and enveloped by the feeling is rare ... it can be exhausting, elevating ... the best and the worst feeling there is.  I think that feeling is known as bittersweet.  

... sometimes you can know that it's not the sensible, level-headed thing to do ... you can fear and crave it at the same time - fearing and craving that loss of control ...

... but on the other side of the same coin - the sense of calm that being in love brings, the warm, comforting sense of place.   When you just know you are there and your heart understands how you feel.

I certainly wouldn't say I love you unless I mean it.  

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thank you paco

Nice story. <br />

yes it is jadin

thanks LITW

You are so right - thank you for the reminder!! :-)

Thank you for that nightsimp. Yes, I think that's the key thing ... that the sweetness does override and almost cancel out the bitterness. If it was only about the pain I don't think I could move forward.

Thanks LV ... I think so too.

I admire honesty, it's better to be honest than just say what others want to hear

My two pooches know they are my no. 1 ...

thank you pollydoll ... I know that it is