Not Ever

I can't....... It means too much to me

TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

5.7 years later... a little slow. Still... Call my response, training time... uh... for me.
love may be in the links. possibly the Lynx a symbol, although the best cat I've met had tufted ears, tuxedo cat, a Great cat, that other cats would come over and lay on our front lawn, and peacefully... Oh links.
Any two, meeting can easily exchange 100 links in 10 seconds. (Fake the number, go for the concept... it's a first guess). 100 sec, 100-10,000 links. (wild variable may due to (I'm guessing 4 variables - a. line/net/cube, unlikely on the last, I'm sure has occurred, 1/trillion. b. Primes meet. c.?. d. spare. Umm... Over a shorter than "normal" time, (danger Will Robinson - "Lost in Space", TV show 1960's.. The concept obtains.
I'm going to guess. Links: 300 words, 300 pieces of information you know about me.
I'll guess, I'm in love with you... million links. A billion, maybe. A trillion links, "I probably love you." Quad?, Yup.
But here's the DSTOC, (acronym - Didn't See That One Coming). A quad can be done with 50 million points of info, (hopefully accurate) with a net. 200,000 cubic.
And... when that one dies before you, demand of yourself , Live, ask to Reality, "Pain loss, help"
Yeah, I OD'd.