Love at least for me, is the best feeling in the world..yet, its so complicated..If you ask ten different people what love is, everyone will have a different answer to it.  I think its absolutely ridiculous how people say they love someone after knowing or dating them for like an hour or a day..It takes way longer than that to tell if you actually love someone.  That's my opinion.  I only say I love you to very few people and they are very close to me.

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poohbear26 i totally believe in love in first sight also but like it irritates me about like people in chat rooms or things like that and they just start dating and they say i love you like they've known them forever when they've never even met them.

although i totally agree and hate that people throw those 3 words around as if they are nothing, i do believe that it is possible to love someone at first sight, a connection that cannot ever be fully explained, but i think its only something that you realise when you look back at that moment and realise that you actually did love them when you first met them..