Deaf Person's Emotional

There are a lot of negative attitudes that affect a deaf person's emotions, social life, at school and at work.
There are many people who don’t know very much about deaf culture and their language.
They seem to think that deaf people are stupid, awkward and unable to communication.
Deaf get discriminated against and rejected when hearing people don't know how to approach them and then don't try.
Deaf people tend to focus on the visual, such as their sign language, which means they have to be able to see it.
Sometimes hearing people will get in the way between two people’s eye contact then the deaf people are unable to see and know what is going on. Hearing people should give some respect to people who deal with the world differently from them.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

My good friend's daughter is 9 years old, and she is not only deaf but she only has ONE HAND. Talk about ROUGH! She'll never be able to fully, properly sign because alot of the language, as I understand, is two-handed. But this girl is ALL SPITFIRE. She'll monkey around on a jungle gym, swinging from her NUB. She tries using her voice more, but she signs and writes and makes sure you HEAR her. I picked up a book on sign language, because its important to me that she has someone that WANTS to hear and understand her... However, I have found it's pretty difficult to know if you're doing it right, just going off a book. So, I'll read what I can and when I have the extra time and money, I will take full classes. More people should do the same. I'm proud to be able to understand the deaf guy on the Main street asking for directions, and to (very choppily) give him those directions he's looking for in a language he can understand. Though I admit, if I had never met my friend and her daughter, I never would have started learning. More people should.

awww Thank you for the story I knew Deaf people struggled but not like this.