I'm In Pain And I'm A Bag Of Primal Instinct At The Moment But I'd Like To Know Precisely One Thing From These Kids

What part of "primal instinct" has the higher cognative ability to reason that fi you didn't "earn" the love of another individual and they JUST love us that they're a low value indivdual?

it seems to me the language of primal instinct is a sort of you have it or you don't when it comes to attraction and yet we have this sort of "let us reason" to our emotions that is what you call a pretense at rationality where there is none

you go out an do something and then you try to explain it

Well it works like this in truth: love IS a gift, you don't "chose" to give ti to someone. you just fall, flat on your face and get taken along for the current. People make a first impresison and from there it's pretty much set in stone. The problem is so many of us have learned in our civillization if we don't struggle for it it i cannot possibly be that rewarding and we use reasoning to KILL any emotion people feel for us in this initial stage because if somneone likes us right off the fat then this means they're lower qualtiy rather than trusting intuiton which is likely right right. we talk ourselves into a corner thinking we have to "struggle" and all good things are fought for which completely ignores everything else we've ever been taught in the science of attraction

namely that it's not a choice.... and yet you see this all over the place:


I don't know where to start on the critique of this piece except ot say ayn rand showed clear signs of being a sociopath and so too does this site. Instinct is far more set in stone that this

you can't "Earn" someones affections. to pretend you can is overthinking it

You either do or you don't like someone and yet so many people seem to do this thing where they feel the spark but if they don't see the attempts at asserting dominant control over a situation we "let go" of the person because the lack of trying to gain "influence" and "gain higher personal value" aka: deceptive influence cues us to the fact that the individual is what you call casting pearls before swine and we think they're deseparate. Except the truth is far far far far simpler and far far more primal We've just allowed reason to enter into our emotional states where it doesn't belong.

Guys like me they hurl all kinds of insults at us but we're there.  We're not desperate but what we are is what you call "Certain" when we make our plays
Not of our success but of our desire. This lack of ambiguity and straight forwardness leads to many of us being seen as "desperate" when in reality what we are is overexperienced and fed up with the idea of "playing it like a game"

We'd rather let our hearts win and get screwed endlessly than develope the sort of sociopathetic side of our selves that learns to play the devils hand to make us deceptively valueble. The "play hard to get" strategy everyone else learns is something we REVILE as manipulative and evil. The day we try that is the day we hand over a peace of our soul to devil and have actually turned desperate.

Reason entered the debate and turned intuition inside out and backwards. I'm seen as without other options and thus delivering the promise land to everyone I make moves but the truth is the real desperation move is to change tactics. This is the signaling that should tell people that idealism has grown corrupted and cynical but instead it tells us they're of higher value.

this isn't intuition. This is what happens when "Reason" enters the struggle and convinces us of whats in this article... Intuition gets flipped on it's head because honestly speaking the higher function of our brain is NOT as wise as our evolution is.

We can talk ourselves into a corner about the abiility to use "influence" tactics to create sexual tension but there's a colder truth staring us down the barrel of that gun: You either have someones affections or you don't. If you go out and create it artifically you won't be happy with what you get.... be careful what you wish for

The truth is the day I decided to embrace something like this


as my tactic is the day i've lost a piece of soul enough to be trying to hijack the way i'm being seen outwardly.

I'm looking for something. I'm looking for the cup of hot chocolate in a warm and cozy household to invite me in and  make me feel safe. My attractions are far more conserative and wired to the people who are trying to clean up the damage others have done. Run up the safety card and i'll be running up the "christ I hope this turns romantic" card.

We're horribly mammalian creatures and yet we try to use sociopathic depraved indifference to dictate our romantic moves. Perhaps we would be happier if we actually did just listen to flow..

No fear.. follow the white rabbit...

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Nov 27, 2012