" I Don't See The Harm In Hurting Myself"

I don’t see the Harm in hurting myself at all. I mean everyone is against it, and I don’t know why, its not like I am hurting anyone else, I am hurting myself, its not like I am cutting someone else, or am burning someone else, I am doing it to me, my body, and last time I checked, it was my body, and if I wanted to hurt it, and cut it up, and burn it, I should be able to, without having to worry about everyone hating me. I get that people don’t want to see me hurting myself, but to really put me down about it, and make me hate myself more for it, just because I couldn’t take the pain, and wanted to take it out on myself, I really just don’t get it at all. Its not like, I am cutting up someone else’s body, its my body. Its me that I am hurting, and its me causing it, so for you to hate me for hurting myself, I really don’t get it, I’d understand if you were mad at me, and hated me for hurting you, but I’m not hurting you, I am hurting me.


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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I agree, people need to shut the **** up. It's my body, freaking MINE. Do what ever you feel like, I'm doing the same

Please stop....your to BEAUTIFUL to hurt yourself! If U ever need someone to talk to...don't hesitate to hit me friend!!! May your day become as wonderful 2 U...as U are 2 the world!!!!! Later...

I don't think that is what she/he wanna hear right now

i cut too. i understand your argument. why would anyone hate someone for cutting themself. any moron who hates you is just making things worse and is only acting on some selfish impulse. i am confused about whether cutting is wrong also. sure, you are not physically hurting anyone else, but there is more to it than that, right? i pray about it. i will pray for you too. message me if you ever want to talk :)

Hmmm I don't hate you girl.... matter of fact.... just the opposite. Nevermind those that do. Too many that love you to worry about those that don't.