Harming Yourself

The bad thing is that people don't understand. There's such a stigma around this and it's quite unfortunate. Yes it is bad that people SH, but it's also bad that people smoke or drink. We ALL have coping mechanisms. Whether it's exercise, getting drunk or SH. It's all the same, we're all just trying to help ourselves in some way. Of course it is bad if it become life threatenting, but SH as a whole is nothing close to a suicide attempt. We need to stop judging these people. Just because it is a bit 'out there' doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it or them.

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nothing that is harmful to yourself is healthy, whatever the moderation. only lightly cutting your arm, or smoking only half a pack, or drinking only 12 beers. whatever. if it is harmful, it isn't healthy nor is it a way to cope. it's a deflection of coping - an escape so that you don't have to cope, don't have to try to suck it up, whatever the up is. self-mutilation is a cry for help, not an act of coping. if your life is that horrific, then you need to seek help from a doctor, your rabbi, whomever it is you trust. look inward to your own strength, too, for it will take you farther than anyone else can.

I like your point about smoking and drinking. While I don't self-harm myself, I have met some on here that have/do and have begun to realize that, like you said, it's just a coping mechanism, SOMETHING to make them feel better or to relieve pain and stress. Is it something that you SHOULD do? Probably not, but then, like you said, it isn't healthy to smoke or drink either. But until then, sometimes it's all people can do to make themselves feel a little better. No judgment here.

Ankan, it has nothing to do with anyone else. How could it hurt them?

If someone truly cares or is truly concerned shows compassion. No one can change your choice or behavior unless you want to change. For those that care, it is his or her attempt to express their concern perhaps wanting to help in his or her own way to deal with what ever stressors may be leading to the sh. It doesn't hurt them....but some feel compassion and a moral obligation to try to help. There are healthier ways to address your stressors.

Its not a way of life though hun.


When we speak we must not speak to all people and vice versa, there are people who are wonderful and loved and cherish them as well as they are and here I give you all the love and love is a wonderful man to a woman