At The End Of The Our Day, We Say Good Bye To Our Thoughts

It's 10:16 pm. I am going to sleep. I wish I can say good night to my parents. I wish I can say good night to my siblings, but I am not with tem anymore. Things have changed. My favourite time of the day is bed time because all my worries diminish. It's all goes away. Right now I just want this week to be over with. Don't know why. Just know that I am not enjoying this time right now. Just the time away from friends and family. It causes me to feel still, like someone has took away the lights, leaving me in the darkness. Wondering. I try not to think about my family, because the more I think I about them. The more I miss them. And the more I want to be there. Being part of that, you know. Living, and growing. It's all in the past. All I have is me. I must do my best for now. Sleep now, and hope things get better so I can feel the way I use to feel. Being what I miss the most.
Brandon15shawana Brandon15shawana
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013