We live way out in the counrty in the middle of 45 acres of our own land and for us wearing clothes is stupid and useless when the weather is warm.  We both work from home and do 90% of our shopping online so why bother wearing clothes.  I loveeeeeeeeeee rolling out of bed buck naked and strolling to the kitchen in the morning completely naked for coffee.  Our UPS and Fed Ex drivers who deliver could care less we are naked all the time.  We have a hot and cold running shower out at our pool and it is quite nice to walk out the door of your home naked and take an outdoor shower. 

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Ooh that sounds so fun. :)

Nudy,<br />
<br />
I have given just about all of my clothes and shoes to the local mission. Flip flops have taken the place of shoes and Texas is warm enough to wear them all year. I have a couple of nice going out outfits and normally I enjoy a pair of short shorts and a tube top.

You are welcome George. I have found the more I am naked the more I WANT and NEED to be naked.

When I am in the nudest situation, people are just people and I enjoy the nakedness, but there is no sexual tenshion. However when it is a sensual, sexy situation, I am always hard and ready.

Well, first it takes an intelligent person to look at someone naked who is not doing anything lewd and just shrug and go..."their just naked"<br />
I have been on a number of movie sets completely naked before the take and it is just like you are dressed. No one cares of even really<br />
looks. UPS, FedEx people probally see just as much as summer pool cleaners.

I agree with everything you said! It would be nice if I that kind of privacy as I can only do that inside during the day but when the weather is warm outside at night. My UPS, maillady and FedEx drivers are use to that at my house too though.