I Don't Care As Much

Seriously, I don't knock myself out to get everything done, in a fabulous way.  I still want to  do  well.  I don't fret and squirm to do 10  projects over the weekend.  I was a fright just a few years ago. A regular whirlwind of energy and determination. A bit of listlessness has set in. Frankly, as long as everything is fine, clean and running like a well oiled can..hey, I'm free. No more anxious thinking about being in charge and fearful, of little failures. Ok, I worry about big failures.  I'm wise just enough to tell you, it's all going to be OK. Don't sweat the small stuff.  

wiseowl wiseowl
61-65, F
3 Responses Aug 5, 2009

Ha ha.. Yes, I've heard my brains are located there .

Hey, never underestimate the value of sitting on your butt. I do some of my best thinking that way!

Maybe TL.Older does bring on lethargy..Priorities change.I use to move back te furniture when I swept the carpet..no more. Too heavy now.same furniture too. I do things using an easy way.I gave up the little battles and save my strength for the wars. Wisdom and more peace, at last. Time to go sit on my butt :>}