What Is In a Name

So I am walking down a hallway and all of a sudden this girl comes up to me and says "Hey Sandra how are you doing?" To which I reply ... I'm sorry ... Do I know you? And she says ... "hehe ... no but you look like your name could be Sandra" ... and then the wheelworks in my head started to spin, because my name isn't Sandra .. not even close to it. But I came up with the most brilliant thought ever. ..... What if we just looked at someone and called them a name that we find suitable to fit their appearance. I mean of course we would be calling them by the wrong name but what do we know. It would be so much easier to look at someone and say ... She looks like her name is Lisa, or he looks like his name is Dave ... and that is exactly what we call that individual. Think about it ... no introductions would have to be made ... no time spent looking for some kind of name tag ... and you can just jump right into conversation. And we won't be compelled to saying "hey" or "hey you" ... we just say repeatedly say a name until the individual turns around and then we say "sheesh .. finally ... I've been trying to get your attention forever" ... and of course they are going to correct you and give you their real name *or shrug you off* but then you have a start of a great conversation ... or you'll get blown off because they might think you are trying to hit on them. Just be sure to follow your "mistakened name calling" with something witty and clever. Anywho ... this individual in the hallway wasn't trying to hit on me ... she was looking for the bathroom .....
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2007

lol, most people think that the name you are given gives you a part of your personality. It would be good too though because if you hate their name you could change it, lol.