Creepy Wierdos

I had one in my circle a while back, and kept her on because she took my abuse with good humour.  But when she said she was a fan of  self-proclaimed fat liar Rush Limbaugh she really had to go.

There's just somethingabout these people that makes my skin crawl.  That is what's wrong with America. Republicans.

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If democrats are the party of acceptance than why is it that you stereotype all republicans?

I can't have a republican for a friend because I find the lot ignorant, repulsive, racist, etc...they just creep me out. They never do one darn thing for the working class except take their money...and esp. the new ones who love quoting the fear of the old testament, they are at war against womens contraceptive rights...they say they want less government but they speak with a serpentine tongue because what they really want is to control everyone... like I said, they're creepy, have no morals, don't understand what having ethics is...and in some regard, I believe they're mentally ill and that some are indeed psychopaths...and so I have to make the cross with my fingers and have them stay as far away as possible...that's what you do to evil things as they.


Year 1982 25 million

Year 2002 43.6 million


Year 1982 13

Year 2002 229

A band of rich thugs has mugged the United States of America. For the second time in twenty years, the Bush Gang-otherwise known as The Family or The Dynasty-is pilfering our pockets and emptying the public treasury. Under the direction of George W, **** Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, the members of this criminal clique are plundering our country t: again, just as they did in the 1980s and early l990s. What is more, as the nation slips inexorably toward economic chaos, the Bush Gang is drowning out criticism with the noise of war drums and blinding the American people with a frenzy of waving flags. Rather than fix things at home, they want to enlist our help in plundering the world.

America's destiny is now linked to the reckless and selfish pursuits of a corporate elite who are disregarding the well-being of the United States. Like the "Robber Barons" in the Late nineteenth century, the Bush Gang is devoted to the business of fleecing the American people and buying out the last vestiges of honest government. Through their policies, their political alliances, and their personal behavior, the members of Bush Gang I encouraged various kinds of criminal behavior in the 1980s-massive financial fraud in the Savings and Loan industry, "junk bond" scandals on Wall Street, and widespread government malfeasance. When they left office in the early 1990s, they saddled us with a long recession and a tremendous national debt. When Bush Gang 11 returned to the scene in 2001 and 2002, we immediately became aware of their participation-at Harken and Halliburton, Enron and Arthur Andersen-in a massive corporate crime wave that included many of the nation's biggest accounting firms, insurance companies, manufacturers, and financial institutions.

On top of this corporate criminality, the members of the Bush Gang were the central agents in thievery of even greater magnitude, the "mega-crime" of our era. They began to engineer the systematic robbery of the income and wealth of American working people during the 1980s, then pressured a weak Democratic administration to acquiesce to most of their demands in the 1990s, and finally resumed their project with renewed vigor with George W. Bush's election in 2000. This mega crime has resulted in the wholesale redistribution of money to a very small minority of wealthy Americans, thus leading to inexcusable levels of economic and social inequality in the United States. Consequently, our political system now resembles, as it did a century ago, a plutocracy-a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.

... more importantly, the Bush Gang represents a much larger group, the ultra-conservative, corporate upper class that has taken over our country just as they did a century ago. The last time a tiny, self centered minority held so much power, dominating the United States through their control of "Money Power" and the Republican Party, they were called the "Robber Barons." Though it might seem unfair to pick on a particular family by recasting the Robber Barons as the Bush Gang, these guys deserve the attention. The roots of Bush family power extend back to the beginning of the 20th century-George W and Jeb really are the great-grandchildren of the Robber Barons. The Bush family has a long record-their involvement in upper-class investment schemes, their promotion of dangerous intrigues in foreign affairs, their long-time participation in Republican politics, and their membership in a variety of elite institutions-that makes them ideal examples of how the corporate upper class maintains and wields its power in the United States.

The Bush Gang is throwback to "The Gilded Age," that time over a hundred years ago when wealth was worshipped in all its forms and the nation was ruled by a band of notorious financiers and capitalists, which is why people called them Robber Barons.

The economic and social evidence is overwhelming: the Bush Gang and the new generation of thieves have orchestrated a massive redistribution of America's wealth. They have taken from the poor, from the working class, and from a wide swath of the middle class, and given to the rich-that is, to themselves. The share of national income that goes to the bottom nine-tenths of the American people, the large majority who reside at the base of the economic pyramid, shrank from 67% of the total in the late 1970s to about 52% twenty years later. Analysis of statistics kept by the Internal Revenue Service shows that almost all of this missing income was redistributed to the very richest Americans, the top one percent of our population-in fact, their take of the loot, already a robust 9.3% of all American income in 1979, had more than doubled, to 20.8%, by 2000.

When you are being dispossessed, when your assets and income are shrinking due to the activities of others, then you are being robbed. When the perpetrators organize themselves purposefully to dispossess you, when they plunder your savings, then it is fair to call them a "gang." One dictionary definition fits them perfectly: "Gang-a group of people working together for criminal, disreputable ends."

Our whole notion of freedom in the United States is based upon a the willingness of citizens to speak up and throw self-satisfied elites out of power. Those who fought against the "Money Power" in the past, such as the Kansas farmers who helped invent the term "Robber Barons" in the 1880s, never apologized for calling them a criminal class. Mary Ellen Lease, an outspoken Populist leader of the time, told her Midwestern audiences that they could not afford to be shy. "Raise less corn and more hell!" she said.

She also told them where to go to recover their lost farms and stolen wages: "Wall Street owns the country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, or for the people, but a government of Wall Street, by Wall Street and for Wall Street."

Over the past few decades in the United States, there has been little popular criticism of the "elite," the small class of people who dominate corporate ownership and management. Obviously many critical voices are blocked by the corporations themselves, since they have successfully monopolized the major media. But there is another factor. There are no prominent politicians castigating members of the monied elite and calling them "malefactors of great wealth." And though some of us have heard vague references to "The Gilded Age," we seldom hear it applied to the society we live in today. Was the slogan invented by cranky losers who missed out on the American success story? Not so. The United States' most famous and humorous writer of the nineteenth century, Mark Twain, wrote his wickedly satirical novel, The Gilded Age, in 1873, thus giving a name to the first great wave of American corporate and financial thievery. The theme reappeared constantly in his writing for over forty years. When one of the most famous criminals of the era, the railroad scam artist and financier known as Jay Gould, died in 1892, Twain offered a mock eulogy:

The people had desired money before his day, but he taught them to fall down and worship it.... The gospel left behind by Jay Gould is doing giant work in our days. Its message is 'Get money. Get it quickly. Get it in abundance. Get it in prodigious abundance. Get it dishonestly if you can, honestly if you must.

In those days, the powerful indictments of a variety of outraged Americans-populist Democrats, trade union organizers, progressive Republicans, home-grown and immigrant socialists-changed our political culture. With their strong sense of morality and their powerful voices, they condemned "Money Power" for creating a culture of greed and dishonesty. The struggle against the corrupt supremacy of the rich went on for so long, roughly from 1865 to 1935, that three or four generations of Americans had to rebound from discouraging defeats before they finally triumphed. Along the way, they recruited the help of people from all social classes. One of them, President Theodore Roosevelt, the descendent of a wealthy New York family and a Republican, had the courage to defy a substantial sector of his own party and say: "We hold it to be a prime duty of the people to free our government from the control of money." In the same fashion, Woodrow Wilson, a fairly conservative Democrat, echoed the rhetoric of the populist chorus: "The masters of the government of the United States," he said, "are the combined capitalists and manufacturers of the United States."

Even with such contributions at the presidential level, the popular campaign to promote more honest politics and progressive taxation faltered in the early decades of the 20th century. After World War I, the rich counterattacked by mounting an extraordinary celebration of the glory of their own money. Their exuberant excesses-cutting taxes, speculating in finance, and buying every possible extravagance (three attributes which reappeared in the 1980s and 1990s)-eventually brought the Roaring Twenties down to earth with an abrupt crash.

The Great Depression led to the disgrace and the downfall of the aristocracy of money. Franklin Roosevelt, backed by a massive popular coalition of working people, realized that it was in the interests of his party to keep the rich at bay and he was determined to keep it that way after his re-election in 1936: "I should like to have it said of my first Administration that in it the forces of selfishness and lust for power met their match. I should like to have it said of my second Administration that in it, these forces met their master."

That never quite happened. But for decades the equality and dignity fostered by the New Deal kept the nation focused on the health and happiness of middle-class and working-class Americans. The ultra-rich paid their high taxes, and lo and behold, they survived quite well, just slightly less wealthy than before. No aristocrats were marched off to the guillotine, nor did the nation's industries and businesses starve for capital. In fact, the United States lived through a golden era, from the 1940s to the 1970s, in which most of its citizens enjoyed unprecedented levels of economic growth and prosperity.

In recent decades, citizens of the United States of America developed amnesia about the financial piracy of the past. Many of us slipped into a delusional state, worshipping the gods of finance and luxury, tantalizingly displayed in ubiquitous advertising but not really within our reach, while forgetting that our real priorities still concerned work, family, and community. Some, it seemed, were bowing down before the false idols of Dow Jones and Wall Street and chanting the incantations they found in Money, Invest, and Fortune. Meanwhile most families were struggling to stay afloat, with mothers and fathers working many more hours per week simply to avoid slipping behind and going further into debt.

Thanks for that analogy morbiddaydream. I agree, and I've chasing threads because not one of them speaks the facts, nor has the balls to stand by what they post. So, DeadManWalking has a very good point by saying what he says and opening this thread for comment. I thank him for doing so!

Red Tie spin doctors taking after their hero Bush!

Funny, I see just the exact opposite as your saying CPA guy. That rhetoric is never ending and doesn't take anyone it's ''frivolous drivel''! Right? It's immature and silly word and mind games that continues the ''hate'' and the ''division''. They do we don't, they do we don't! There's your great speech! I'm sure someone is calling for a CPA...Mantra. Go answer your phone!

lol @ CPAguy.

"you are supposed to be open minded and accepting of differing viewpoints."

I don't remember signing up to that. got that right singer! Well, we could give it to the 4 good ones. And as for "demonizing" Rush Linbalm, he does an excellent job of that himself. Why get in the way of someone that ''crucifies'' himself every time he opens his mouth?

I think that if we got rid of all of the idiots that are out there.....Washington D.C. would be a very empty town...

Well, getting a counter idiot is not my idea of wise. Why don't we just get rid of the idiots...period! How they could possibly have a following is beyond me, and that goes for all the ''cash-for-trash'' talk show hosts. Show...the key word! They do put on a good show, just like the circus.

Maybe your experience concerning Republicans is actually Neoconservatives who seem to own the power base of the Republican Party. It's called 'money' and the ones who have it get elected...sadly! There is also Neoliberals...same thing, money is the power base and always will be until we get the ''special interest'' lobbyists out of our government. Its those 2 money bases that confuse the public and divide our country. I made up a saying about 15 years ago..."A Party is something that you go to, not belong to" Parties and Money....same thing, and we need to remove both from our system. I like a 'few' Ds & Rs but I can stick them in my bathroom. Not much to brag it? Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart and the rest of the Religious Gangs are the money base spin doctors. To bad they go against every principal our forefathers ever believed in. They will eventually totally trash our Constitution and Bill of Rights, if they haven't already.

Thanks for the post DeadManWalking2010. I agree with you concerning already giving them a 8 year chance and them destroying our country in the process!

The democrat plot to demonize Rush has nearly doubled his audience.

I am sorry that some people think that way.....I mean I am sure that when Hillery gets home from the office that she starts dinner.....does the wash....watched her daughter.....and tried to keep Bill happy....all with no help.....Oh wait...she had company help paid for by the state....and the federal government.....Never mind

Too bad you blanket republicans that way.

why don't the liberals get a radio talk show mogul?

I just look at the news at night--they ALWAYS seem to be stonewalling anything that Mr. Obama wants to try to do. We had 8 years of them and look where we got. As for Mr. Limbaugh and company, seems to me they are all bunch of angry white men because the have no control over things and that someone like Mr. Obama can rise up and be President. Just look at "Fair and Balanced" News channel and you will see what I mean or listen to Talk Radio and hear those brooding, screaming, chest-pounders ranting about how bad things are.....the Recession was well under way before Mr. Obama took office. Oh just give them their Road Locomotives (SUV's) have the maid make their beds (of course she's paid minimum wage) and with go out and try to convince the people that the town needs a new Sports Stadium (their owner-buddies won't have to ante up the cost) even though the one already there, it is "old and dilapidated". Forget high speed-rail, it only works where there are people and we need to keep building new roads forget the old ones, they're all potholed anyway. And Health care is a breeze just ask all the congressmen that have it!

Sorry that you feel that way.....Not all Rep. are a bad lot.....Nor do they all think that Rush is Gods gift to the air ways