Creepy Wierdos

I had one in my circle a while back, and kept her on because she took my abuse with good humour.  But when she said she was a fan of  self-proclaimed fat liar Rush Limbaugh she really had to go.

There's just somethingabout these people that makes my skin crawl.  That is what's wrong with America. Republicans.

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8 Responses Feb 2, 2010

I can't have a republican for a friend because I find the lot ignorant, repulsive, racist, etc...they just creep me out. They never do one darn thing for the working class except take their money...and esp. the new ones who love quoting the fear of the old testament, they are at war against womens contraceptive rights...they say they want less government but they speak with a serpentine tongue because what they really want is to control everyone... like I said, they're creepy, have no morals, don't understand what having ethics is...and in some regard, I believe they're mentally ill and that some are indeed psychopaths...and so I have to make the cross with my fingers and have them stay as far away as possible...that's what you do to evil things as they.

lol @ CPAguy.<br />
"you are supposed to be open minded and accepting of differing viewpoints."<br />
<br />
I don't remember signing up to that.

I think that if we got rid of all of the idiots that are out there.....Washington D.C. would be a very empty town...

The democrat plot to demonize Rush has nearly doubled his audience.

I am sorry that some people think that way.....I mean I am sure that when Hillery gets home from the office that she starts dinner.....does the wash....watched her daughter.....and tried to keep Bill happy....all with no help.....Oh wait...she had company help paid for by the state....and the federal government.....Never mind

Too bad you blanket republicans that way.<br />
why don't the liberals get a radio talk show mogul?

I just look at the news at night--they ALWAYS seem to be stonewalling anything that Mr. Obama wants to try to do. We had 8 years of them and look where we got. As for Mr. Limbaugh and company, seems to me they are all bunch of angry white men because the have no control over things and that someone like Mr. Obama can rise up and be President. Just look at "Fair and Balanced" News channel and you will see what I mean or listen to Talk Radio and hear those brooding, screaming, chest-pounders ranting about how bad things are.....the Recession was well under way before Mr. Obama took office. Oh just give them their Road Locomotives (SUV's) have the maid make their beds (of course she's paid minimum wage) and with go out and try to convince the people that the town needs a new Sports Stadium (their owner-buddies won't have to ante up the cost) even though the one already there, it is "old and dilapidated". Forget high speed-rail, it only works where there are people and we need to keep building new roads forget the old ones, they're all potholed anyway. And Health care is a breeze just ask all the congressmen that have it!

Sorry that you feel that way.....Not all Rep. are a bad lot.....Nor do they all think that Rush is Gods gift to the air ways