Democrats...republicans...they're All The Same

In my political views, I would be considered a Constitutional Conservative.  The Constitution is not a "living, breathing document" and was not written to be changed at the drop of a hat to satisfy the needs of some special interest group.  It it were enforced as originally written the country would be much better off.

As for Republicrats or Demicans, I can not see any difference in any of them.  They are there for their own personal gain and there is no difference in which side of the aisle they sit on.

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7 Responses Feb 24, 2010

We just had the primary election, here in Texas, last week. I made a point to go to my precinct meeting and saw the same b.s.that occurs at each one. They had their agenda set and there was no backing off of it. I left mad, frustrated and p.o'ed that it was politics as usual. Let's be the nice guys and not upset the apple cart. I voiced my opinion about the apple cart and made it plain that it was time to make some changes.

I align with you politically, and I too get very frustrated with our two party system with the inevitable compromises involved in the building of winning coalitions. Since Reagan the Republican party really devolved into a almost as big a government democrat light. <br />
There is something to be said for two major parties though, our politics is actually far more moderate than other countries. True constitutional conservatives could take over the Republican party if they would just get organized and show up, to the precint conventions after primary elections, the state party conventions etc. The same people show up to these things every two years and decide the agenda. The grassroots politics is really dull, and it's hard to get people to consistently show up to these events, but if you want to change things you have to suffer them.

fascade...i agree with you...neither party has done anything to me except; tax, tax, tax

I get along with them every day. I just don't respect them as having a credible grasp on politics and as hard as I try, I cannot justify their failure to see that neither party is better than the other.

there are some on both sides that i can get along with...i do register and vote as a republican, although i don't always agree with them.

fascade...unfortunately that's the way it's been and that's the way it's going to remain. The two-party system, that is.

The moment someone claims to be a member of a certain party, I lose respect for them.