Just Can't Do It.

I used to be able to clear my in-box daily and to keep up with all my stories and others, but since I started to care for my elderly grandmother I get further and further behind in my postings.  I can't wait until I have more time again.

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thanks y'all

Even though we enjoy the Mayor Fungirl and her little village in EP and we all look forward everyday to hear from her, we all understand that there are other forces in our lives and we get to EP when we can.<br />
<br />
As PTMAN has said already we will be here for you FG, let us know when you can what is going on in your life.<br />
<br />
Hope all goes well with you.

Thanks y'all. It really means a lot to me that I have all of you in my circle.

I promise you that you will be so glad that you were able to take the time to spend with her later.

lol........i dont see how you can keep up even if you were glued to a computer 24/7 this is crazy i have to chase everyone around and i only have a few freinds compared to miss random and her country of people <br />
I admire your devotion to all of your friends and loved ones and i must say you are one talented lady darlin

Thanks y'all or your support. I really appreciate it.

I always be around for you FG ... take care of the family that is so important!

Thats really a good thing that you are doing for your <br />
grandmother! we will wait for your wisdom. I have another board that I post on , so I know how you feel!<br />
Have a nice afternoon sweetie..................

Glad to see you got your priorities right. Family should always come first.

You have to many friends... dunno how you do it.

you will just be patient we will wait for you until you do.