Not Practical For Me (or Logical)

If I've got a massive amount of wash to do, I'll separate out the linens and let them have their own load.  Otherwise, I don't bother.  Aside from the whole not-wanting-to spend-energy-sorting thing, I've got some reasons to not sort.

For one, I'm doing wash for one.  I can see sorting (sort of) if I was dealing with a family's worth of laundry.  But I've got nobody to please but me with the results of my washing.

The other big reason is that I live with two housemates.  The more loads I do here, the more likely I am to hear "Plaid are you done with the washer/dryer yet?  I need it."

And anyway, it really doesn't matter.  If I use cold water and a reasonable setting on the dryer, everything gets clean without me sorting.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 18, 2012