There are certain things I will NOT share....My man, chocolate, my shoes, and my toys.  If you want any of these things just keep in mind I have warned you that I don't share well.

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16 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Naw i am better off without because of my diet. It is all good though i will make sure to have a tasty dinner.

I will get you some when I go to the store. Should I get you the carb free version?

Me too but i dont have anyone here to give me chocolates..

MMMM I am hungry.

That would probably be good then.

okay so we need something soft. Caramel is soft.

Any fillings that aren't hard. I just don't like dark chocolate, and the hard stuff hurts my mouth.

Caramel is good....peanut butter...minty fillings....and things like that. How about you?

I wouldn't share my nachos with just anyone

What do you like inside them?

Milk chocolate is my favorite.

I dunno what kinds do you like?

_____________ thanks. What kind are we going to get?

Well it is Vday i think so ill get you chocolates. But i would share with you! just letting you know!

You will have to get me my own Ar. I just can't share.

id share my chocolate...