I Don't Share Anything Well

Whether it's my partner, my bed, my home, my money, my food, my brain, my innermost thoughts, my secrets, or my soul, I don't let people in easily. I don't even share things with my therapist (well, not the most recent one, anyway, she's a complete bimbo with a turnip for a brain). I do share with my partner, my sister, and a couple of friends, but that's about it.


And that's enough sharing for one day!  :-P

sugarfooties sugarfooties
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Thank you, tilly, from the bottom of my heart. I too put my concerns into His hands, and He has not disappointed me yet!<br />
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Always good to read your stories and your comments! God Bless.

Sharing is difficult for me, too. I have been burned a couple of times. Even good friends are not perfect and can hurt us without meaning to just from their opinions on what we share. <br />
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Writing in my journal is sometimes the only way to get things out. I found a journal recently from many years ago. It was heartening to realize how the problems I was worried about have all been resolved since then. It gives me hope that the concerns I have today, put into the able hands of the Lord, will also be resolved one day in the near future. <br />
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Always glad to read your stories! Be well and happy.