Some jerk I just met called me a guy cause I wouldn't t show my face and prove I'm a girl. I don't need to justify myself to ******** like that .unbelievable and goodridance . Just makes me more determined not to now.

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I had that happen to me too one time. I just laughed....

You don't owe anyone anything

Some people are just rude. They might have thought they were being slick by using that as a way to see your face. Too many creeps.

The very first guy that spoke to me when I signed up for ep within 10 minutes said hey my wife is out of the house for the next hour or so. Can you skype me and me help me **** it.

That's what the block button is for .....

Unfortunately there have been a lot with the age range that you have set your profile that end up either being men or underage girls, this is why some people get leery of whether your profile is real or not. This does in no way mean that you should have to prove yourself by sharing pictures. If anything, being as young as you are, you should be even more careful about sharing that information.

Listen to Affinity.....

Thanks Rubies. Having teen kids myself, sometimes it scares me how much personal info the young ones share on here.

Exactlyyyyy. It really can be scary, especially if you catch the eye of someone with less than genuine motives... I have seen it happen here.

Tx but I'm careful who I talk to and yes I find some of the younger girls on here a bit to forward for
Their age. I may b blonde but imdontnthink I'm stupid most of the time lol

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There are some a-holes out there.

where does this *** from - don't worry - we all luv you here

I never liked the idea of blocking someone.. it seemed liked I was lowering myself to whoever needed to be blocked.. well, that has past and I don't have a problem blocking someone if they are an *******, or just amazingly crude, rude, or plain ol idiots.. and there sure are a lot of them. Blocking has become an easy way for me to solve the problem of some *** with their own problems and trying to push things. I'm here for fun, friendship, with no expectations whatsoever. I've become friends with very interesting and beautiful people.. both inside and out, both male and female, including emgirl1568, and RedRubies. I would love to be a fly on the wall and see how pathetic the lives are of these rodents... er. I mean guys that think they can belittle and push, demanding to see things, and get pissed when it doesn't go their way. I can only imagine what would happen to them if they acted this way in face to face life...instead of hiding behind a keyboard

Aww thanks telestrat! I agree... most people who strike out like that are pretty unhappy. I don't like kind people talked to like that by the dregs of EP!

I had exactly the same opinion of blocking - but it does save time and aggravation

A girl in my circle had the same thing said to her the other day... idiots.<br />
You don't have to prove anything to anyone. I would never skype/cam/etc (even just as friends) without knowing someone VERY well. Lotta strange people online...

The massive penis in the profile pic has to be real. (No man on EP has less than a 10 inch penis...I'm positive... all the profile pics prove this!)

You know, if I blur my eyes.....

That is a great party trick justme....you should post it on youtube

look like a girl to me very pretty in fact

i am not frightened to show my face and talk about myself i think it shows trust but that is just me i have been lied to on here

Well if I talk to someone and I like them that's good enough for me. U can t fake who u aren't

so true