I'm Not Here For You.

I wonder how many people would dial a random phone number and say "hey, I saw your name in the phone book...you wanna chat?" Same thing.

I'm reminded of an old saying:
100% of men on the internet are men.
50% of woman on the internet are men.
90% of under 14 yo girls wanting to chat about sex are law enforcement agents - or men - or both.
kellysimon kellysimon
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

It's kinda awkward to me when people just dial a random number and talk.

But what the heck? Why's it all men? I'm here, and I'm not a man!

you are the youngest on my list i deleted a 21 year old 2 days ago she confessed she was 15 so i am care full who i add and what i say

:) Well someone's got to be the 'punk-kid' on your list of fans. I guess at 24 I still count as a kid in your book. I'm honored to be the "chosen one" and hope I don't let you down.

you sound real to me and thats all i care about lol