Sleep Is What I Need

i have problems sleeping at night i am always up at night and i just dont know why . i feel my mind doesnt want to cut off it keeps going  and i am thinking all the time they say its bipolar but i am not sure . it might be but , i know its a bad thing to have your mind keep going when you try to go to sleep . and my hubby doesnt seem to understand  what i am going through i have been like this for 9 years . i dont know if i will be able to get a good nights sleep . do you all suffer from this ????? please tell me somethings i can do  to get some sleep
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Had the same problem all my life. Some days are better than others. I find that working hard and getting something done helps.

Yes do not touch weed , especially with all the chemicals in them it only makes your mind worse, and you will open doors for other mental illnesses. You will have to try like the others mentioned, see your GP that you trust and if you can find a group or a counsellor NOT a psychiatrist their solutions is meds only (ignorance). Diet , fresh air, good friends to support you. Mental illness is not accepted by society world wide. Bipolar is only a name to describe , anxiety & depression. Moods will change by weather, work , food but it is trial &error to find core of problem and then find the correct meds to help you for a while not permanent especially if your husband does not understand that also will make u feel down. Do you have children ?? body changes too. <br />
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Hope truly this will give you some guidance ,and hopefully some answers and solution for you.<br />
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Let me know how you go . <br />
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Take care xx do not give up

Yeah, let's not get nutty here and start smoking weed - you just end up with other problems. I found once I changed my diet, after 20 years of not sleeping, helped a lot. I quit consuming sugar. I was seriously addicted to it. I'm much better now. I also find exercising daily helps me to sleep better. Good luck.

Have you tried any of these options: keep shades down, keep air temp. at level most comfy for you, take a very warm soaking bath right before bed (unless bath stimulates- then avoid an hour before bed), drink hot decaf tea( green tea relaxes some people.But 'alerts' others), or try the natural suppliment MELATONIN- which sometimes the body doesn't get enough of, but you need for rest.

Hallo.<br />
I have the same problem, bud i have it for over 15 years now.<br />
I tride averything also medicin from the dokter, i used anti depresiv medicin bud they give me other problems .<br />
Now i am smoking weed before i go to sleep. Just one before i go to sleep.<br />
It works, it really works.<br />
Maybe this is something for you.