I Don't Sleep Very Well At Night

I don't sleep very well at night this has been a problem for quite a while not and when I do fall asleep I wake up every couple hours or so. It is very frustrating for me not to be able to sleep. I do have seizures and lack of sleep can bring on a seizure for me.

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it's no problem I was thinking of maybe some yoga that might help me relax.

I'm sorry, I should have thought before commenting. Please forgive my ignorance. That's a difficult situation. Stress is my nemesis as well. I try breathing exercises, but they don't always work.

I am unable to drink alcohol because of the meds that I'm on and it could make my seizures worse lack of sleep and too much stress also can cause seizures so I try to find some way that does not interfere with that it stinks.

If seizures are the wildcard, you've got to be careful how you relax at night, besides staying up all night so your tired the next night, rum mellows me out, but so does feeling satisfied :) ... my two cents ...

You can let your Dr. know you need sleeping pills or just work with it and get a graveyard job and sleep in the day..that's what i used to do but when i got off work in the morning i wouldn't go straight to bed i would stop by the local steak house and get 2 or 3 bloody mary's then go home and crash.<br />
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I always lay awake at night and may nod off for an hour or two if that but most the night i lay awake and just try to rest cause i have to get my kids off to school in the morning etc... then take a nap during the day if i have time. I suggest sleeping pills even though in the morning you need something to wake you up that's why i don't always like the sleeping pills.<br />
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Sometimes i just take a small shot of nyquil to make me drowsy not too much though like when you're sick like half a shot of that med cup. Then at least you will get some sleep and not wake up all drowsy and out of it.