This Empty Person Looks Like Cancer

Again, the eyes ache. Constant calculation of positional variations gets me only so tired. I'm still sleeping under the sink. The loud drunks across the street aren't dying fast enough for me. Cirrhosis just takes way too ******* long, none of them have the balls to eat a bullet and murder is illegal. And now for the continuing practice of laying on my back, boring holes into the ceiling with my eyes.
WorldWarYou WorldWarYou
31-35, M
1 Response Jun 13, 2007

hello buddy, i had a problem something much like yours.
what i recommend is mow your lawns as early as possible in the morning.
or get a really noisy motorbike, and rev the hell out of it, pretend you are fixing it up.
do this for a few days, they'll be too tired to party when they havent slept all day.

hope it works for you buddy
best wishes