Not Lately

I have not been able to sleep well lately. Mostly because of the pain is getting worse and I tend to push myself to do the same things as before. I always end up paying for it in increased level of pain and decreased amount of pain. I have not been able to lay on my back, right side or stomach for decades and now lately it has become worse I can never get comfortable laying on my left side constanly just shifting a little all the time and never ever getting comfortable. I would hate to have to take sleep aids but I might just have to. I am really tired of being tired. Really tired of being woken up and never getting more than hour of sleep before a shooting pain wakes me up.
I am not even sure if a sleeping pill would work at all , because if a shooting pain is what is waking me up every hour how could a sleeping aid help in that? It is a increase of pain that is waking me. It is becoming exhausting in more than just one way. HELP PLEASE.
lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
Apr 17, 2012