I have not had a "normal" sleep pattern for years. A few years ago I went to a hypnotherapist and she was able to help me a little. Then a year or so later we got a new bed and that also helped - a little. During the school year my weekday alarm is set for 5:30 to be up and ready to help my son get ready for school. For quite a few months I have been waking up at 4:30. Since I have been working on my spirituality, I have been embracing this hour for prayer time.

This past long weekend I was camping with my brother and friends at a racetrack, so my sleep schedule was way off. After I got home on Monday I took a nap and then went to bed at a reasonable hour. I awoke Tuesday at 2am. I watched TV on the couch for an hour and fell back to sleep. I was hoping I was not doomed.

Today I awoke at 5:25 - five min before my alarm. I hope I am back on schedule.
NCConch NCConch
46-50, M
May 27, 2015