I have sleep problems for quite a long time. There is some days that I sleep over 12 hours. and there is some that I sleep under 3 hours. I go to sleep at 5 am! and wake up at 8. I feel sleepy and exhausted all day long but cant sleep due to work.

I really get tired of this condition. I wanna make my sleep regular but I cant. I donot want to use medicines.

Any suggestions?


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2 Responses Apr 8, 2010

Ok I had trouble with sleeping for a while back last summer into early of the new year. I dealt with this by listening to radio-classical music or putting on a meditation cd which worked.<br />
Another technique that works is if you lay still and starting from the toes all the way up to your head-stretching and clenching as this action releases a chemical that makes us feel drowsy.<br />
A nightime routine perhaps of a warm bath etc that you stick to will also help, as will warm milk/ eating a banana etc. Also lavender is meant to aid sleep. Gd luck I know how crappy it is not to be able to get to sleep when this is what you know and want to do but just can't.<br />
D xx

you can take a hot shower just before goin to bed<br />
or<br />
drink a glass of hot milk with honey<br />
the most important is not to do sth stressful before goin to bed cause it takes all your attention and put too many thoughts on your mind<br />
it is not good for your sleep when you are doing many things in your bed, like using pc or eating supper.<br />
bed is the place where you lay down and sleep<br />
it should bring you only one thought- sweet dreams.