I sleep in just a thong. Sometimes i wear bras too but i like to let my breasts free hahahhahaha. I like sleeping in a thong because i feel like im wearing nothing but thongs are comfy and i like something up my *** hahahaha. Also i dont like to show my ***** i think its wierd. My roomate in college doesnt care. She does the same thing too hahahah. We share thongs sometimes too. Hers are a little bigger though (im pretty skinny ; so is she but not as skinny as i) 
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I just stated wearing thongs

Why would anyone skip college knowing this can happen behind dorms doors. It not so much what you learn in class but what you experience elsewhere. I think it's called socialization.

I believe that you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable when going to bed. I don't know why, but going to bed to me means that you need to be in the most comfortable thing you have. Some people it is all about bundling up in fuzzy PJ pants and a hoodie, but others, less is more. Its great that you have something that you are comfortable with. :) I do have a question though: do you sleep in your own room? While I can't say that I understand the feeling of having something up my buttcrack like you do, it is all about what is best for you. But the reason I ask is why not try sleeping nude? I know you said you don't like showing off your *****, but if you sleep alone in your own room, then you can go to bed nude and put a thong on when you get up. Do you prefer the smaller thongs or ones that cover up a lot?

Just a thought, hope you have another great night sleep!

thonglover90 i agree thongs are comfy in fact i'm currently wearing one

Actually i do the same thing most of the time and so does my roomates. We normally wear a thong and bra to breakfast when one of us are cooking. I'm in University. We eat in our condo's family room. There are no guys in our condo. But i do have a boyfriend.

lts sleep with me u feel more good.

That sounds like a good way to sleep. The less you wear while sleeping, the more free you are.

that is damn smexy lol

Wow idk lol