I get 2 hours of sleep. I can't sleep at night
RainbowWolf13 RainbowWolf13
16-17, F
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Not good... you need more....


I listen to lectures or audiobooks and lie in bed with the lights out until I fall to sleep, if I have problems.

Hmm I don't

I mean I tried that stuff it do not work

Even if you turn off the computer and all lights and music?

I use audiobooks since they are not stimulating, just talking... easy to fall asleep to it like if you're listening to someone who won't stop talking....

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Same here. I hate to sleep. If I do get to sleep it's for like 2 hours.

Yep I wish I would not need to sleep

I've learned to run on less than 2 hours

Same here. My anxiety issues don't let me sleep.

I don't think I have anxiety?

Do you have any stress?

Well yes

Do you want to talk about it?


So what's wrong?

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