Doubt Ill Ever Smoke, But I'll Always Smile

I am not 20 years old and have never even butt a cig in my mouth. I remember having cigars in my mouth when I was real little, but that was only because my dad would buy the ones with the flavored tips so I'd suck on them. I have always lived with my father ever since him and my mother divorced when I was just in 1st grade. He had been a heavy smoker, and being around all the second hand smoke made a turn off to me to ever pick up the habit. I have never even had the urge to pick one up and I doubt I ever will. Instead I enjoy to smile whenever and wherever. I have always had a smile on my face and ever new person I meet always compliments me on how beautiful my smile is. So why do I always smile? I just have to say I'm a happy woman and rather smile to the world than be stuck up. I have been brought up around a lot of negativity in my family, so I try to push those thoughts out by just smiling. There is nothing better than smiling at a stranger and just see them smile back. It's great to know I at least brightened up one persons day.  

TG1322 TG1322
18-21, F
Jul 10, 2008